Creating a BizTalk 2010 R2 CTP Azure VM

Published by: Bill Chesnut

Please Note: More Details will be available soon on the BizTalk Blog:

From the title I should have peeked your interest, yes the BizTalk 2010 R2 CTP has been released in Azure VM gallery as a Platform Image

So lets go through the process of creating an BizTalk 2010 […]

BizTalk BAM Archiving

Posted By: Bill Chesnut

There have been several previous blog posts by several different authors about BAM Archiving, I decided that it would be good if all of the information was in one article, so here I go.

To start off I have used information from Richard Seroter’s Blog post BizTalk BAM Data Archiving Explained […]

Sending High Volume Traffic to Azure Service Bus in a BizTalk Message Only Solution

Why is Azure Service Bus different than other destination when talking about High Volume Traffic in a BizTalk Message Only Solution, there is a hard limit of 100 concurrent connections per queue, topic or subscription. Now 100 connection sounds like a lot and should satisfy most requirements, but quickly you discover that 100 is not […]

Running BizTalk Unit Tests in a TFS Automated Build

Since BizTalk 2009, BizTalk has had unit tests for Schemas, Maps and Pipelines. I have recently been trying to incorporate these unit tests into my BizTalk Demo Project (instructions can be found here:

The test were working fine on my local development machine, but when I ran them as part of my TFS […]