First Look at Windows Server Service Bus

Published by: Bill Chesnut

Recently at our Mexia Code Camp the 2 days before TechEd Australia on the Gold Coast I had a chance to look at the recently released Service Bus 1.0 Beta for Windows Server. Having spent a fair bit of time working with the Azure Service Bus I am interested in how […]

Creating a BizTalk 2010 R2 CTP Azure VM

Published by: Bill Chesnut

Please Note: More Details will be available soon on the BizTalk Blog:

From the title I should have peeked your interest, yes the BizTalk 2010 R2 CTP has been released in Azure VM gallery as a Platform Image

So lets go through the process of creating an BizTalk 2010 […]

Sending High Volume Traffic to Azure Service Bus in a BizTalk Message Only Solution

Why is Azure Service Bus different than other destination when talking about High Volume Traffic in a BizTalk Message Only Solution, there is a hard limit of 100 concurrent connections per queue, topic or subscription. Now 100 connection sounds like a lot and should satisfy most requirements, but quickly you discover that 100 is not […]

New Server Explorer Azure Bus bits in Azure SDK 1.7

In the TechEd US session Overview and Roadmap of Windows Azure Service Bus, Microsoft demoed some really neat new bit for working with Azure in Visual Studio (both VS2010 and VS2012).

We now have access to several Azure features from Server Explorer

I am going to show you how to use the Windows Azure […]

Creating TMG Firewall Rules for Azure Service Bus

As Mexia starts doing more and more Azure work, I am getting asked more frequently about firewall rules for accessing the Azure Service Bus.

At first this seemed a weird question to me, to communicate with Azure Service Bus it is all outbound traffic, but more and more companies lately are restricting outbound traffic, for […]

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