Issues with Tracking causing high CPU usage on BizTalk SQL Server (Additional Info)

Since the 1st occurrence of this issue (Issues with Tracking causing high CPU usage on BizTalk SQL Server), I have had 2 other clients with similar issues, each with different root causes. The key finding about these issues is that it is not obvious what the problem is from the initial problem determination, one […]

Creating TMG Firewall Rules for Azure Service Bus

As Mexia starts doing more and more Azure work, I am getting asked more frequently about firewall rules for accessing the Azure Service Bus.

At first this seemed a weird question to me, to communicate with Azure Service Bus it is all outbound traffic, but more and more companies lately are restricting outbound traffic, for […]

Next Hands on Days Around Australia

Planning has started for the next BizTalk / Integration Hands on Days around Australia, I would like to gauge the interest in the community for another Saturday Hands on Day. The days will be held during February to April 2012 in the city that show interest. The topics being looked at are the following:


Issues with Tracking causing high CPU usage on BizTalk SQL Server

As part of our regular BizTalk Health Check service that we do for a client, we had an issue where the CPU usage on the BizTalk SQL Server kept increasing over the past few months. I looked at all the usual culprits for this increase in CPU usage on the SQL Server but none of […]

Upcoming Melbourne BizTalk Server 2010 Training–November 2011

Following on from the successful BizTalk Server 2010 Developer training that Mexia ran in Melbourne in August 2011, we are doing it again, this time we have added a 2 days BizTalk 2010 Administrator training course.

For any questions or to organise on-site BizTalk Server 2010 training please Contact Me


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