I have renamed Windows Azure to Windows “Light Blue”

Today while setting down at the ISV Innovation Day at Microsoft in Melbourne and looking at the agenda, I thought about all the technology around Windows Azure and what it really means to developers.

Since returning from the US I having spent the last couple of weeks since PDC digesting the Windows Azure announcement and […]

Microsoft Cloud Services now has a new name Windows Azure

Today at the Microsoft PDC 2008 Ray Ozzie announced Windows Azure, formally know as Cloud Services. Windows Azure is now available as a CTP (Community Technology Preview) just go to www.azure.com to download the SDKs and signup for an Windows Azure account. Windows Azure will include what was previously called BizTalk Labs / BizTalk […]

Arrived in LA for PDC 2008

Even though I had a non upgradeable seat on QF93, it turned out to be a good flight, the plane was only about 2/3 full and I had an empty seat between myself and Adam Long (CTO @ QSR) who I ran into at the airport waiting for the flight to leave and ended up […]

BRE usage survey

The CSD/BizTalk Product Group is conducting a survey to assess customer usage of the Business Rules Engine (BRE).

If you are interested in participating please click the following link: : https://live.datstat.com/MSCSD-Collector/Survey.ashx?Name=BRE_Usage_Survey_Blog

Off to PDC in LA on Sunday

With all the Olso announcement set to be made at PDC this year, I am off to PDC on Sunday. Not that keen on LA, but at least no US flight connections.

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